Golubac…have you ever been there… heard about Golubac…? You haven’t missed much… Big misses in life are unacceptable…but once you visit this place, you will realize that there are so many little things which can make your life better, quickly, easily and expressly. Think about…no…experience Danube – the most famous European river, in the place which got the name ‘’ the widest smile of the Danube’’ rightfully. This is thanks to the Mother Nature, which provided 60 square kilometers of expanse in order for Danube to show itself at its best. We helped Mother Nature in that way that we didn’t disturb her. We didn’t build great factories, we didn’t have money for nuclear power plant, cement plant and other achievements of modern society.  We can offer to you untouched nature, healthy food and a smile, one less wide from the one our Danube is showing to you…
We don’t have skyscrapers glittering in glass and aluminum, we don’t have splendid shopping malls and famous stadiums…but we do have wonderful, 3 kilometers long promenade, the most preserved fortress on the Danube which is currently undergoing further decorations (as if it was not already beautiful), we have Tumane Monastery, quiet and respectable place where you can find peace and healing. We don’t have wide boulevards and nightlights that can be seen from the moon. We have (others have said) the best field for regattas in Europe, dream of every yachtsman, the best terrain for perch and carp fishing… We have dozens of Danube fishermen who can prepare for you an extraordinary fish soup and to whom you can listen telling hundreds of incredible fishing stories while you’re sitting near fire on the bank of the Danube, not noticing the comfort of the rock you’re sitting on, the one which has replaced your leather office chair. We have a young history teacher who can take you on a boat ride to see the fortress while telling you about dozens of legends about our town and fortress. If that’s not enough, we can guide you through the Canyon of Brnjicka River and you will have the impression that the tour guide took you to some rainforests in Brazil by mistake and for a small amount of money, you can also take a healthy stroll through the famous National Park ‘’ĐERDAP’’.
Residents of Golubac will warmly recommend to you very famous museums Viminacijum and Lepenski Vir which are less than an hour drive from Golubac.

So…now you are familiar with the things you’ve missed because you haven’t been our guest…In fact, you are not, these are just words… Make all of your senses ready and set out to completely experience all of this. We are waiting for you.


Your host,

Milen Bogojevic